Little harvard is a distinguished learning & education center located in Gading Serpong area, Tangerang.   Our preschool program uses whole brain learning approach with equal emphasis on both left and right brain learning methods that stimulate both hemisphere of the brain ensuring our students grow into a wholesome individual that is intuitive,  big picture oriented, hard working and responsible.
  • Toddler
    Stimulate childrens’ curiosity as well as their physical, social, and emotional skills.
  • Nursery 1
    Develop childrens’  motoric skill and introduce them to letters & numbers as well as different objects, shapes and sounds.
  • Nursery 2
    Further introduces letters and numbers while promoting a genuine interest in science.
  • K1/K2
    The objective is to provide opportunities for children to learn, play, listen, speak, experiment, investigate and understand mathematical concepts.